LED Curedome

The future of dental laboratory light curing is here. The LED Curedome delivers high intensity, evenly-distributed curing power in a compact, efficient package.

The array of 300 LEDs is tuned to activate the vast majority of dental polymers. The 4 inch (102mm) diameter curing chambers is ideal for curing indirect restorations such as crowns and bridges. One knob allows the user to vary the intensity, up to 1000mW/cm2 (est.). The other knob controls the curing duration, up to 300 seconds.

The Curedome has been successfully used in clinics and laboratories in six countries since 2005.

The LED Curedome includes a power supply, manual and one year warranty.

The LED Curedome is a product of Proto-tech, a provider of dental research instruments since 1995. To learn more visit https://www.prototechresearch.com.

To find out more and to order, please contact Proto-tech by email at info@lightcuringoven.com. Or please call Ph: 971-344-3730.


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